Properties of Hosting Plans, Add-ons and Subscriptions

Properties of a hosting plan and subscription are grouped as follows:

  • Resources

    Includes validity period, policy on overusing resources, system resources like disk space and traffic, and service resources like websites, subdomains, mailboxes, databases and so on.

  • Permissions

    Includes provided services and privileges.

    Note: Some permissions prevent settings of the following services from syncing. See the details in the Permissions section.

  • Hosting Parameters

    Includes parameters of the provided hosting service.

  • Mail

    Includes parameters of the provided mail service.

  • DNS

    Specifies if the DNS zones of the subscription's domains should be master or slave.

    Note: In case the DNS zone management privilege is provided, this parameter is not synced, and subscribers can set up this parameter on a per-domain basis.

  • Performance

    Includes parameters that affect performance of all services provided with the plan.

  • Logs & Statistics

    Includes settings of how statistics and logs of the plan's subscriptions should be stored.

Note: Hosting, Mail, DNS, Performance, Logs & Statistics parameters are fully visible and editable in the Administrative Panel only for service plans. For subscriptions, these parameters are available only in the Control Panel. To view or modify the parameters of a particular subscription, go to Subscriptions and click Control Panel to the right of the subscription name. Also note that the availability of these parameters to a subscriber depends on the permissions.

  • Applications

    Lets you select which applications available to you should be provisioned to your customers.

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