Presence Builder

Presence Builder is a great tool that enables users with no knowledge of HTML markup or graphic design skills to create professional-looking sites. This tool provides a simple visual editor and a huge set of templates for different websites. Just pick a suitable page design and content template, add your text to the pages, and publish the site. The editor allows you to create web pages, add content of different types (text, images, video, scripts), and edit website settings such as website name, keywords, icons, and so on.

You can create and publish websites using Presence Builder if your hosting subscription provides this option. If it does not, or if you have already created and published the allowed number of sites, you still can create a website with Presence Builder and edit it. However, to publish this website, you will need to upgrade your hosting plan.

To create websites in Presence Builder, ensure that your hosting subscription includes this option. If it does not, choose another way or upgrade your subscription.

To create a website with Presence Builder:

  1. Go to Websites & Domains and find your domain name.
  2. Click the Create Site button under Presence Builder.
  3. Select a topic that best suits your website.
  4. Edit the website:
    1. Structure: add more pages, remove the predefined pages that you do not need.
    2. Content: change the predefined content to your own, add text, images, videos, scripts, and other required elements.
    3. Design: change the layout and color scheme.
  5. Publish the website.

Find more information about creating websites with Presence Builder in the section Creating Websites with Presence Builder.